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Composite cross-flow closed cooling tower

Composite cross-flow closed cooling tower

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Specifications: HRBL-T
Product Performance of Cross Flow Closed Cooling Tower:
(1) Optimized combination of high-quality heat exchange coils and heat exchange layers, supplemented by a wide air inlet surface, to achieve the best evaporative heat exchange method in the same direction of feng shui, effectively reducing the temperature of circulating water Thermal efficiency is significantly improved.
(2) A new and unique coil design; adopts a serpentine coil and guarantees a certain inclination angle, so that the medium water in the cooler is completely drained when not in use, avoiding the northern customers being coiled after being shut down in winter Freeze damage, extend the life of the cooler.
(3) In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the closed cooling tower, our company strictly complies with the specifications of ISO9001 international quality assurance system procedures and CTI standards in every link of design, material selection, production, and outsourcing components. Make the product finally meet the design and operation requirements.

A closed cooling tower (also called an evaporative air cooler or a closed cooling tower) is a tube heat exchanger placed in the tower to ensure the cooling effect through the heat exchange of circulating air, spray water and circulating water. Because it is a closed cycle, it can ensure that the water quality is not polluted, which effectively protects the efficient operation of the main equipment and increases the service life. When the outside temperature is low, the sprinkler system can be stopped to save water. With the implementation of national energy saving and emission reduction policies and the increasing scarcity of water resources, closed cooling towers have been widely used in steel and metallurgy, power electronics, machinery processing, and air conditioning systems in recent years.


Control System

Display, protection, alarm and other functions, electrical components all use international famous brands, beautiful appearance, simple operation.
Pressure control system: The cooling tower is equipped with a pressure display to ensure safe water flow.
Temperature control system: The cooling tower is provided with temperature display and temperature alarm at the outlet, and the spray switch can be controlled by a digital display temperature controller to achieve the adjustment of the inlet and outlet water temperature, so that the closed cooling tower can continue to the equipment within the specified water temperature range. Efficient cooling.
After-sales service:
The warranty period is 12 months, lifetime maintenance, and only the material cost fee is charged outside the warranty period.
Picture of closed cooling tower:


Application examples of closed cooling tower:


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