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 Win-win Cooperation, Confidence Development


1. The agent must be a legally registered company or company legal person.

2. The agent must agree with the overall business philosophy of Shenzhen Ruihai Company and be willing to abide by the company's business rules and management system.

3. The agent must have experience in the HVAC industry or have certain resources in the HVAC industry.

4. When submitting a written application to the head office, the agent must submit the management structure, operation mode, regional feasibility market analysis report, as well as a certificate and the company's relevant qualification certificate.

Service And Support


Free business ability training

Every year, the company organizes a training course for agent (quasi-agent) business clerk, which is delivered by the company's sales manager, technical leader and project leader. Each regional agent (quasi-agent) can select a salesman according to his actual needs. The company conducts training, and the room and board expenses during the training are arranged by the head office.

Free after-sales training

The after-sales service personnel prepared by the agent need to go to the head office to learn. They only need to apply to the regional assistant in the OA "Special Approval Application" process or the written application fax form one week in advance. The company is responsible for the accommodation arrangement of the study personnel during the training.


 Technology (selection) support

The company is equipped with professional sales technical engineers to assist agents to sell together. Agents can always seek assistance from sales technical engineers. If there are important projects, the company can also send sales technical engineers to the agent to cooperate on site.

Promotion support

For new regional agents, our company will provide promotion support during the business expansion period to help agents open sales.

Customer Support

The new customer information and project information that our company has obtained in the region will be handed over to the regional agent for follow-up, and the business volume will be owned by the agent.

Major project support

When the agent encounters a major project, the head office can provide full support from business negotiation, program production, bidding production, bidding, and contract signing.

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