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Countercurrent closed cooling tower

Countercurrent closed cooling tower

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Specifications: RBL-T
Efficient heat exchange coils Use oval aluminum alloy tubes. All tubes are welded into coils after passing the test. In order to ensure no leakage, each set of coils is subjected to a pressure test of 1.6 MPa in water. The use of elliptical tubes can increase the surface area and water receiving area of ​​the heat exchange tubes. The tubes are arranged in a crosswise arrangement, and the reasonable tube spacing design and spray water form a uniform water film on each tube wall, greatly enhancing the effect of evaporation cooling . The air and cooling water outside the coils flow in reverse, and the oval tube shape and the cross-arranged pipe arrangement make the coils have excellent heat exchange effect and low air resistance.
Efficient spray water circulation system adopts newly developed ABS special spray grate, which has the advantages of large spray water volume, uniform spray water distribution, and no clogging. Reasonable spray height and nozzle arrangement of the water distribution pipeline can be placed on the outer wall of the coil. Form a uniform water film and avoid wall flow. The spray water circulation system is specially equipped with a waterproof scale device to slow down corrosion and increase heat exchange effect. Use outdoor circulating water pump to reduce energy consumption and maintenance.


After-sales service:
The warranty period is 12 months and lifetime maintenance. Only the cost of materials is charged outside the warranty period.



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