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Air-cooled (heat pump) chiller

Air-cooled (heat pump) chiller

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Specification: RHP-A
Selected imported brand-name fully enclosed reciprocating and semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors. Good performance and low noise. According to customer needs and the size of the cold tonnage, a single machine or a combination of multiple machines is used. The compressor can automatically and alternately run according to the load change, balancing the hours of operation of each compressor, greatly extending the life of the ice-water unit.
The condenser is equipped with high-efficiency punched pieces and internally threaded copper pipes, which have high heat exchange efficiency and good stability.
The evaporator copper tube adopts internal and external screw type reinforced tube. The inner surface of the copper pipe is threaded, the outer surface of the copper pipe is smooth, and the cooling effect is good. The evaporator body is insulated by a 25mm thick PE insulation board without condensation, and the cold loss is small.



After-sales service:
The warranty period is 12 months, free maintenance during the warranty period, only the cost of materials is charged outside the warranty period, and lifetime maintenance.



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